Symptoms Of Breast Cancer That You Must Know

breast cancer symptomsThere can be different symptoms for breast cancer and it is quite likely for them to vary from one person to another. It is possible for you to experience a few of these common symptoms or you may not even have any of them. Even it is also possible that you have all the common breast cancer symptoms in you. So, it is very much significant for you to get a checkup from your doctor quickly in case if you think that you are experiencing any of these symptoms. Get all your questions cleared about the symptoms being experienced by you.

There can be broad ranging breast cancer symptoms and they could be anything like skin changes, or swelling, or lumps. Furthermore, many cancers in breast don’t even have any obvious symptoms either. The symptoms which are like the ones of cancer in the breast might also be the resultant of any non-cancerous conditions such as a cyst or infection. Self-examination of the breast should always be part of your monthly routine of health care. You should also pay a visit to your doctor in case if you experience any changes in your breast.

Real symptoms of breast cancer are usually confused with the normal occurrences in the breasts. For example, at some points in the menstrual cycle of a woman, the breasts can possibly become sore and swollen. It’s a natural happening that is resulted from fluctuating hormones while it may not really be one of the breast cancer symptoms. But if this has never been experienced prior to this, make sure that you get an appointment from your doctor to keep yourself on a safer side.

A lump found on the breast can be regarded as one of the major symptoms of breast cancer. Most of the times, these lumps are cancer’s early signs and one needs to see a specialist the soonest possible. It’s more likely for the lump to be quite dangerous if it’s firm and much not painful. The cysts as well as other ailments that are non-cancerous result in painful lumps. Though the lumps can appear on your breasts anywhere, mostly they appear underneath the nipple as well as close to armpit at outer fringes of the breasts.

It is very much significant to consider that all the lumps are not the indicators of cancer. There are lots of women whose natural breasts are lumpy or fibrous. In such a scenario, one should have a discussion with their doctor regarding what could possibly be their best method for testing breast cancer symptoms. According to some latest scientific studies women are usually unable to detect many lumps just by self-examination. The reason is that many of them hide far under the surface and are sometimes quite small to be noticed in a self-exam.

Do you want to know what does breast cancer feel like.

How to Diagnose and Treat Inflammatory Breast Cancer

inflammatory breast cancerA rare, yet aggressive, type of breast cancer is called inflammatory breast cancer. It does not remain under the skin only but makes its presence noticeable by causing irritation on the skin. The lymph vessels are blocked in the breast skin. The diagnosis is mostly wrong of this sort of cancer as it is mistaken for an infection and unfortunately it does not appear in ultrasound or mammogram in its early stages. When the symptoms remain unchanged, instead of antibiotics, the doctors start expanding their imagination for a possible breast cancer. Until a doctor reaches to the right cause of skin irritation, it is too late. The cancer already has spread to other close areas.

This type of breast cancer does not make a lump but it makes a nest under the skin and keeps on growing silently. The symptoms occur and are taken as rash or infection. So, be alert to the following symptoms:

  • Persistent pain in breasts.
  • Areas of skin on the breasts become red and pink. The texture of these areas is like orange peel.
  • A bruise can also be caused which never heals.
  • Breasts swell.
  • Itching takes place which is painful as well as irritating.
  • The change on the skin appears fast and you can see it within weeks. It happens after the cancer has fully developed. Altered skin color and irritation are the obvious signs to be noticed.

The persistent symptoms on the skin that look like infection or allergy are suspicious. Do not wait longer and ask your doctor to carry out the diagnosis for a possible inflammatory breast cancer. There are scientific methods for diagnosing it. Your doctor may do mammogram to know the density of the affected breast and its skin condition. MRI is another method in which radio waves and strong magnets are used to take the image of your breasts. CT scan which is a strong X ray can also be used. It takes the pictures of what is inside your body. Together PET scan the doctor can find out the cancer on lymph cells. The most assuring method is biopsy. A little piece of infected skin is taken for bioscope examination and this is the most reliable way to find out about the cancer.

The treatment options are all open for the treatment of inflammatory cancer. It depends on the experience of your doctor and level of your cancer to make the right choice for the proper treatment. From chemotherapy, surgery, hormone therapy to radiation, all methods are practical. Your doctor can apply more than one method in order to make sure that the cancer does not return. After surgery or chemotherapy, radiation method is also used.  You can discuss with your doctor to make sure what works the best and also to know how you can cooperate in the whole treatment.

How to Avoid Breast Cancer and Seek a Treatment Fast

types of breast cancerUnhealthy lifestyle can put you at higher risk level of getting breast cancer. All types of breast cancer are a result of ignoring health care or taking hormonal therapy. Though, it seems almost impossible that you successfully avoid a dangerous disease like cancer by keeping your weight normal and doing regular exercises but it is a fact that people are conscious about what they eat and what they weigh to live a healthier life than others. Alcohol is another reason why so many disorders and sicknesses easily over power man, let alone smoking, taking weeds, snorting cocaine and all other abnormal habits of the same niche. If once you get to sit to count the harms you reap by getting overweight, or consuming drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. you discover that a huge amount of unacceptable disorders have propagated in your body and the reason is these things only. Here you may be able to believe it easily that having a healthy life style can really help you to avoid many different types of breast cancer.

Young mothers, who do not nurse their babies, do no good to their bodies, not to mention their babies too. After the birth immediately nursing the little baby helps the mother to help her feminine system return back to normal health, easily and fast. This helps to prevent breast cancer as well. About 17% – 18% of all the breast cancers that are in women under the age of 40 are in those who did not breastfeed their kids and had a history of smoking as well. One of the various explanations of how breast feeding a baby prevents a mother from suffering from many types of breast cancer is the hormonal changes that take place in the body because of breast feeding. These changes take control of many functions of a female’s body and keep them in the frame of good health.

Breast cancer can attack men as well – information that may be shocking for many. Again it is the hormones in the body of male that are mainly responsible for their breast cancer. Therefore, any trouble in their hormonal system must be noticed immediately. Because of the little size of male breasts, it is not easy to find out the lump formed by a possible cancer. Only proper medical check-up can be helpful. On time diagnosis of male and female breast cancer can help in a successful treatment. Any suspicious pain or hardness in the breast should not be left unnoticed. Your timely care can help you discover what type of cancer you have and how to treat it in a way that it does not return again. With proper basic knowledge of cancer and the habits that put you at a potential threat of cancer it must be understood well by the people how to overcome the disease.

Does Breast Cancer Exist In Men?

Can guys have breast cancerCan guys have breast cancer? Well, due to the relatively greater incidence of such cancer in women, breast cancer is normally considered as a health dilemma in females. Some may not even be ready to think about the fact that breast cancer can sometimes be found in males as well. Instances of breast cancer in men are around below 1% of all the breast cancer victims. This could, however, become fatal if not discovered in time and given proper treatment.

You may be confused at this point of time that how men can develop this kind of cancer, especially, considering that this cancer is described to be affiliated with top of torso’s frontal part in women. As far as the women are concerned, this body part is often known as breasts. On the contrary, in men it is known as chest. Well, the answer to this question lies inside breast’s physiological construction. There are 3 different features of breasts that are completely different from one another. They include: lobules – the glands that produce milk, in females, the ducts – these are small pipes which are used for transportation of milk from the lobules to the nipples, and the last one is stroma – it is the connective and fatty tissue that encircles lobules and ducts, along with the lymphatic and blood vessels. Before reaching adolescence, there is somewhat of breast tissue as well as some ducts are present in both men and women.  Once the person reaches adolescence, variations in physiology of both men as well as women grow and they can be observed very well. In case of women, there is elevated growth in female hormones (estrogen as well as progesterone) and it stimulates the development of ducts, formation of lobules, and also raises the stroma levels. On the other hand, in men, breast tissue is not allowed to rise by males hormones, however, those initial lobules and ducts that are present since childbirth remain intact.

Breast cancer tends to evolve inside internal lining of tissues in milk channels as well as in lobules. Considering the fact that there are some lobules as well as ducts present in men, it’s very much possible for the cancer to cultivate via these tissues. The reason that likelihood of breast cancer in men is lower is that the breast tissue in men is lower in quantity as compared to the female breast. One good thing regarding having that little amount of the breast tissue would be that if there are any strange lumps or growths they can be seen quite easily. To be unfortunate, due to the fact that breast cancer isn’t actually common in males, the initial signs of this condition are taken too lightly by the males or they just take these signs to the flawed reasons such as wounds or bacterial infections.